An antidote for the Brainwashed Masses

Chapter One: Introduction

Imagine if someone that you loved had fallen into a coma. You’d likely spend many hours, emotionally distressed, at his or her bedside. You’d try to evoke old memories, tell jokes, touch your loved one’s hands, kiss his or her lips, play familiar music, or do anything you could to help your loved one “wake up”. Yet your most heroic efforts would likely prove futile because the person is no longer in control of his or her own mind.

I was once that comatose person. I definitely wasn’t unconscious though and that’s where the metaphor breaks down. Looking back, it feels more like I was in a dreamlike state. I thought that I was awake and fully conscious, but I wasn’t. Thankfully, I had someone come to my bedside and do what he could to awaken me. For a while I resented him. I thought, “Does my friend think that I’m oblivious to reality? I know what’s going on. It’s my friend who’s not seeing the world as it really is.”

Eventually I realized that my reaction to my friend was based less on my desire to embrace truth and more about maintaining my pride and not confronting my fears. Those were two of the most revolutionary acts that I’ve ever taken. I was revolting against almost everything I had ever believed about myself and the world. But with those acts I suddenly felt like I could think more clearly and see through many of the lies that others were blindly accepting. I now want others to help others experience a similar kind of awakening. I realize from the outset that many will not appreciate my efforts and that my efforts will, in most cases, prove futile, but here it goes…

Over the last couple of years I’ve spent a great deal of time and energy researching so-called “conspiracy theories”. The conspiracy that has intrigued me more than all the others has to do with what we’re told about outer space. Its proponents don’t just claim that the Moon landings were fake but that virtually everything that we’ve been told about space is false. Sound a bit far-fetched? I thought so too. But try to keep an open mind and not just accept what NASA and its defenders tell you (trust me, they’ll claim to have answers for everything). If you do that, you’ll find plenty of things to doubt, whether you’re asking about satellites, Moon landings, Skylab, space shuttles, the International Space Station, Mars rovers, the “Starman” Tesla Roadster, images of planets, and almost everything else space-related. NASA and other space agencies have pushed so many obvious lies, hoaxes, and absurdities that it’s reasonable to ask whether anything that they’ve told us about space can be trusted.

A corollary to the space conspiracy posits that the Earth is flat and stationary. This too will sound far-fetched at first, or even worse, like a throwback to a more primitive period. But, again, I urge that you try to keep an open mind. The standard model—the one that we were all taught in school as an undisputed “fact”—is actually a lot harder to verify than you’ve been led to think. Just ask yourself why you believe that the Earth is a globe. Do you believe it simply because that’s what you’ve been told your whole life, or do you have reasons? Stop and think about it for a moment. Be careful with videos and photographs that were allegedly taken from space. As you’ll see below, NASA has quite a history of faking those. Personally, I can’t say at this point whether the Earth is shaped like a globe or is something else. I am absolutely certain, however, that we’ve been lied to on a grand scale about the nature of our world. Also, I find many flat-Earthers to be extremely insightful and thought-provoking in their observations and reasoning.

Other conspiracy theories that are worthy of study include the Federal Reserve/monetary system, media conglomerations, 9/11, climate engineering/chemtrails, CERN, vaccines, the Las Vegas shooting (and other mass shootings), the Kennedy assassination, climate change, the Denver Airport, and the reality of nuclear bombs. I’ve added links to a few of these topics below but my focus in this document will be on the two conspiracies dealing with space travel and images being fake and with the Earth being flat.

The Internet, which has only been readily available and useful for research for about two decades, has been an amazing tool for helping people to “awaken” to some of the lies and absurdities that we’ve been taught about our shared reality. For many—and I would include myself here—this awakening has been a deeply religious experience. Sadly, while the Internet has been such a valuable tool, it’s now starting to feel more like a weapon that will be used against non-conformists who ask too many questions, deviate too far from acceptable thought, and become too influential. I began my own investigations into the space conspiracy in late 2017, just before the algorithms for Google and Youtube were really starting to kick in. If I had begun today, without anyone to guide me, I can’t imagine that I would have discovered any quality information by using the usual Internet search tools and procedures. Thankfully, I got on board when the information was still quite easy to find. I’m now trying to share it with others before it’s all effectively blocked or censored.

Please don’t feel that I’m pressuring you to believe one way or another about these matters. I just feel that we all have a duty to share our knowledge, especially if it has the potential to promote important truths and expose harmful lies. It’s how we humans grow collectively wiser and draw closer to our Creator, who refers to himself as “the true God” and “the Truth”. I may be delusional about some of the things that I now believe. If so, it may be your responsibility to redirect me. But before you can do that, you’ll need to know a little bit about what I believe and why.

My investigations into this extremely taboo field of research began as a thought experiment. I wanted to test myself to see whether I was capable of rationally examining a few topics which I had never actually researched before but which seemed patently absurd. I wanted to see whether I could evaluate the arguments impartially, without just reacting and defending what I “knew” to be true. It didn’t take long, however, before I started to realize that several so-called “conspiracy theories”—often the ones which initially seemed the most preposterous—were, in fact, very convincing. Whenever I hear the term “conspiracy theory” being used now, I generally dismiss it as a useless label that people use to “poison the well”, that is, to prejudice others and keep them from doing any further investigation into some extremely important matters. I recommend that you treat the term similarly.

Those who follow the news will be familiar with the various ethnic and territorial wars that occur throughout the world on any given day, not to mention the never-ending ideological battles that take place in our own countries, cities, and homes. Most can see no farther than these kinds of conflicts, believing that their only real adversaries are the members of an opposing ethnic, national, or ideological group. That was my perspective too, until quite recently. Researching the 9/11 attacks helped me to realize that at least some (and possibly many) of the wars and squabbles that have transpired were purposely engineered by the very people who claim to be our defenders. “Divide and conquer” (divide et impera) was the well-known strategy of the longstanding Roman Empire. It works today as well as it ever did, and its implementation is not terribly different today than it was in the past. Humanity’s would-be overlords figured out a long time ago that they could play on people’s fears, virtues, vices, and ideological convictions. Recognizing how much power this gave them, they began to search out ways to limit the number and the type of outlets that people could use for expressing these fears, virtues, vices, and convictions. Once that had been achieved it was just a matter of opening and closing the spickets. By keeping the masses constantly at war with one another, and by depriving them of any power to unite and take matters into their own hands, the real enemies of the people have been able to operate right under their noses with few of them even noticing.

You may be asking, “Who are these mysterious overlords”? I don’t claim to know their names, only some of the terrible impact that they’ve had and are continuing to have on us and our world. Many names and organizations have, of course, been floated by other “conspiracy theorists”: e.g. the Rothschilds, the Royal Family, “the Jews”, the Jesuits, and, of course, the Freemasons. It’s difficult not to believe that at least some of these groups are involved in certain conspiracies. But I suspect that the most important players are unknown to us outsiders. Also, there’s are undoubtedly spiritual forces at work that transcend any human activity. Scripture speaks of how God himself will “send strong delusion” on those who would not receive the truth but preferred to believe lies (2 Thess 2:9-12). We’re also told that at some unspecified time the devil will be released to deceive the nations of the Earth, convincing them to live under his government and ultimately to wage a war against Christ (Rev 13-20). I’ve sometimes wondered what such a worldwide deception would look like if it were to take place in our own day. It used to sound a bit implausible, to be honest, especially if it was to involve people being asked to print a giant 666 on their foreheads or something so absurdly obvious as that. But I’m now increasingly doubtful whether any deception could be “too obvious”. Convincing people to believe blatant falsehoods and absurdities might, in fact, be a relatively simple proposition.

Human beings are, by and large, utterly ripe for deception. They’re intellectually lazy, unimaginative, easily intimidated, proud, and unwilling to self-examine or re-evaluate their beliefs. They’re also remarkably naïve, most having been programmed—practically brainwashed—to believe “experts”, no matter what they say. As long as someone prefaces his or her words with, “According to science…”, or, “Studies have shown that…”, people are generally willing to accept whatever they’re told, especially when they have no real way of verifying it for themselves.

Most of our contemporaries are firmly convinced that we live in an unimaginably vast universe on an insignificant “pale blue dot” that hurtles through the vacuum of space at immense speeds, kept in the orbit through the force of gravity, and destined to wobble, twirl, and dash through space until the Sun goes nova and our entire solar system is engulfed in flames. That’s “what science teaches”, so that’s what counts as orthodoxy. Few would even dare to question it. But what if it’s all false, based on a bunch of mathematical theorems which were themselves based on other mathematical theorems, which were ultimately based on faulty presuppositions or faulty inferences?

Who established this scientific orthodoxy? We’re told that it’s the end-result of hundreds, even thousands, of years’ worth of “peer-reviewed” tests and analyses. This all sounds very impressive but don’t let it put you off from asking questions and demanding explanations for things that you don’t understand. In fact, if you study the history of science you’ll find that many things were initially proposed on the basis of poor reasoning, debatable evidence, and unverified observations. For example, Aristotle argued that the Earth must be a sphere because as ships travel out to sea their hull disappears before their sails. We shall see later why this argument was fallacious. Similarly bad arguments were offered to calculate the distance to the Sun, Moon, and stars. Read about some of the flimsy foundations for modern astronomy in the short book Kings Dethroned by Gerrard Hickson (1922).

In order for a scientific model or theory to qualify as “science” we should be able to test it for ourselves, not just rely on authority figures who claim to have figured everything out for us. I recognize that from a practical standpoint we must often rely on experts and models or theories that we haven’t personally confirmed. But those experts, models, and theories should not be insulated from outside criticism as all-too-often seems to be the case today. At the upper echelons of any modern scientific field you’ll find very few, if any, who have the critical minds, expertise, and courage—let alone the ability to access crucial information and technology—to examine a major scientific theory and ascertain whether it really provides the best explanation for the available evidence. Virtually everyone else in the field humbly defers to and zealously defends the models and theories of these supposed “experts”. Meanwhile, anyone who questions them is likely to be ignored or cast out of the guild.

Aside from these “experts”, I believe that there are others who aren’t experts in anything but who are extremely powerful and who envisage themselves as gatekeepers of knowledge. These elites fear that if certain truths were ever divulged to the public this would undermine their power and positions.

Many “conspiracy theories” are dismissed on the assumption that they would have to involve too many people and would therefore be impossible to keep secret. But this way of thinking about the matter may be naïve. Recall, for example, the old video footage of several dozens of NASA technicians sitting around at computer desks, monitoring information about the Moon landings in real time. If those landings were just a hoax would all those technicians have needed to be in on it? Not necessarily. Ask yourself how they could have known whether the information that they were looking at on their computers was coming back from the Moon or whether it was just being fed to them from another computer. It’s not obvious to me that they would have been able to know whether they were monitoring an actual Moon landing or just a simulation of a Moon landing. This isn’t just my opinion either.

Knowledge about a given conspiracy would presumably only be granted on a “need-to-know” basis. Most people who work for NASA, the Pentagon, the CIA, the Federal Reserve, and the CDC, for example, are likely clueless about any malfeasance going on in their agency. Outside contractors who work for these government agencies will be even more clueless.

They simply do what they’ve been hired to do, having been intellectually shaped through many years of an education which all-but guarantees that they will never think outside of the box. Even if they were to start thinking outside of the box it’s unlikely that they would be allowed to ask too many probing questions without losing their government jobs, contracts, and reputations, or maybe their very lives.


There is nothing inherently implausible about a “conspiracy theory” simply because it can be labeled as such. Conspiracies are a fact of life and undoubtedly occur often, a lot more often than we will ever know. Nor is there any way to estimate, in the abstract, the extent to which a conspiracy, once hatched, can be successfully executed, or how many people would have to be involved in order to maintain it. Many deceptions are defended by the very persons who have been deceived. That’s because most individuals are conformists by nature and that personality trait alone is often enough to prevent them from ever questioning mainstream opinions. Furthermore, as I’ve already mentioned, we can’t limit the discussion here to what human beings alone are capable of doing. We should also remember that we have a spiritual enemy who is deeply interested in promoting falsehoods and deceptions (cf. 2 Cor 4:4). Jesus referred to him as the father of lies (John 8:44). Invisible to the human eye, his influence can be easily forgotten or underestimated. Scripture identifies him as “the god of this world” because this world is where he exercises his dominion. A person may be incredibly intelligent, may have studied a given subject for years, earned multiple degrees, written peer-reviewed studies, and received impressive accolades; but none of that means that the person is above deception. Sin impacts humans intellectually, not just morally. It can literally make us stupid. The apostle Paul asserts that those “professing themselves to be wise became fools. … For although they knew God they did not honor him as God or give thanks to him, but became futile in their thinking and their senseless minds were darkened” (Rom 1:21-22). Who are the “wise” of our own day if not the scientists, academics, philosophers, and media pundits? Not surprisingly, those kinds of individuals are rarely interested in conspiracies and do as much as they can to stop others from inquiring into them. It’s easy to understand why. They’ve got cushy jobs, reputations, and power that they need to protect. The world is working quite well for them, in other words, and they’d rather not to upset the apple cart. It has therefore fallen on ordinary folks, often those with the least to lose, to lead the way into this forbidden area of investigation.

My own research has helped me to appreciate just how important it is to speak and defend truth—not overtly theological truth only, but all kinds of truth. A world where lies abound is a world where God will be less perceptible.

Share this information with others at will, but especially with individuals that you know. I’m not sending this out indiscriminately. I’ve sent it to you because I have at least some hope that you will be capable of hearing me out, perhaps not right now but at some point farther down the road. For several years I dismissed my friend whenever he would start to talk about conspiracy theories back around 2011; but I knew that my friend wasn’t crazy or unreasonable so eventually I decided to investigate and figure out what he had been going on about.

Should you decide to embark on this journey, please don’t set aside your critical reasoning skills. If you were investigating a crime you wouldn’t simply believe everything that the suspects were telling you. You’d certainly listen to what they had to say but you’d treat them with some skepticism and weigh their statements against opposing testimony and evidence. Go and do likewise, knowing that in some cases you may be dealing with inveterate liars. You will undoubtedly encounter another group too—the brainwashed drones. Most human beings fall into this category. They can be shown any amount of evidence and will remain utterly unconvinced. They will always find reasons not to question what they’ve been taught and to make you feel crazy for challenging the “received wisdom”. Awakening such persons to the truth will be a lot harder than you think. Rather than getting frustrated, learn to empathize with them, knowing that you once saw the world as they do.

What follows is a mass of information that will take time and effort to examine and process. I’ve tried to summarize a lot of what is discussed in the videos. But the videos usually have more information and are more compelling so I really urge you to watch those if you can. I don’t expect you to watch all of them. But if something sounds interesting or deserving of further inquiry please check out the videos accompanying the text.

Finally, I ask that you not lose or delete this email/document. Mark it or save it somewhere on your computer so that you can return to in the future. Use it as a template for your own musings if you like, adding your own videos and commentary. I’m quite sure that as Google and other gatekeeper companies continue to crack down on “fake news” and “conspiracy theories” some of the videos that I’ve linked will be removed or blacklisted. But hopefully most of them will continue to work for the time being.



P.S. rather than always relying on Google and Bing as your go-to search engines, try doing a bit of your research with other engines such as Duckduckgo and Quant. You will often find a lot more information on there because the algorithms are not (yet) designed to suppress and rebut so-called “conspiracy theories”.

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